秒优产品 | MU MES 制造执行系统

上海秒优 | 2020-08-18

国内率先实现搭载5G MEC的MES智能制造执行系统。

MU MES system is the first MES intelligent manufacturing execution system equipped with 5G MEC in China.


Leading technology



Optimized manufacturing mode

√  强化管理制造过程

√  各系统对接数据共享、协同办公

√  大幅减少手工作业,实时掌握制造过程、设备状态

Strengthen the process of the management manufacturing; 

Data sharing and collaborative work among various systems; 

Significantly reducing manual operations and controlling the manufacturing process and equipment status in real time.


Standard information platform

√  时效、准确的生产数据形成体系

√  在线质检、品质状态明细专业化

√  信息平台规范,管控层互通

Timely and accurate production data formation system;

Online quality inspection, quality status detail specialization;

Information platform specification, control layer interworking.


Product traceability

√  提升客服速度,可追溯产品制造、材料、人、机、线、工序等档案

√  准确掌握制品数量、材料来源、不良品追踪

Improving the speed of customer service and making archives such as manufacturing, materials, human resources, machine, assembly line, and process traceable;

Accurately controlling WIP quality, material sources, and defect tracking.


Comprehensive index

√  提高销售及客服水平

√  减少直接人工成本及货存成本

√  实时准确的生产数据为企业的管理决策提供支持

Improving the quality of sales and customer service;

Reducing direct labor and inventory costs;

Providing support for enterprise's management decisions with real-time accurate production data.


MU MES connects all devices and drives the whole process of production.


Leading technology


FMS 服装柔性制造系统 4.0   

Flexible Manufacture System


In terms of hardware, MU FMS is composed of transmission systems, electronic control boards, etc. In terms of software, it is composed of equipment services, intelligent scheduling and client-side, etc. It operates in an organic and coordinated manner to ensure the balance of production lines and improve work efficiency.

APS 排产系统  

APS scheduling system


Realizing visualized order scheduling based on order delivery time, fabric and accessory tracking, production line characteristics, and IE analysis by applying the learning curve. Using the system to assign appropriate orders to appropriate production lines and improve production efficiency by more than 5%.


Sewing management system


Managing the staff station work plan (via displaying plane or station number) and automatically configurating sewing machine parameters by monitoring yield, balance rate, efficiency, stacking number, defective products, alarms and other indicators.


Process management system


Using MU scoring algorithm to obtain the actual beat of each worker, avoiding beat time errors caused by reasons such as rework after broken threads, and finding out the real bottleneck of balance.


Edge intelligent station system


MU Edge intelligent station system pushes the working process, operation video and operation standard of each employee to the station tablet, and helps employees to improve efficiency an quality.


Piece rate system


Acquiring piecework data through MES and calculating piecework wage data based on unit price. Displaying piecework wage data in real time so that workers can see their wages while working, thus effectively increasing employees’ enthusiasm.


Employee management system


By docking with the hanger system, MES can acquire real-time production data, help management personnel locate and focus on inefficient employees quickly through efficiency data, solve production bottlenecks, and help factories improve production efficiency by more than 10%.


Digital performance system


Digital performance management can decompose the company’s targets and use digital technology to achieve visual management and dynamic monitoring of performance targets, thus improving the completion rate of company targets and the enthusiasm of employees.


Kanban system


Deeply integrating data from the hanger system with data from other systems such as MES, ERP and GST. Achieving data transparency of the entire garment production process by using the Kanban system to visualize order planning, production management, warehouse managements, cutting management, sewing management, finished product management, GST, ERP, digital performance, and so on.


Visual Quality Management System


Using tablets as quality management terminals and electronic rulers as input devices to collect quality data and perform analysis, thus achieving visualized quality management.


Equipment management system


Docking with the edge intelligent station system so that the maintenance and failure situation of all production equipment can be centralized and transparent; monitoring in real-time with visual management to achieve timely repair and recovery in case of equipment failures, thus reducing the risk of affecting the risk of affecting production efficiency.


Benefit - oriented



Connecting data from different modules including order planning, production management, warehouse management, cutting management, sewing management, finished product management, GST, ERP and digital performance, thus avoiding data discrepancies and improving management ability.

搭载先进的5G MEC边缘计算技术,形成完整全流程服装智能生产系统。

With the most advanced 5G MEC edge computing technology, forming a whole-process intelligent garment production system.


Controlling the manufacturing process in real time, thus helping enterprises making production data transparent and significantly improving efficiency.